BMS 8th Graders Share Poetry at Coffee Shop

Boeckman 8th Graders Share Poetry at Local Coffee House
Posted on 05/04/2018
BMS PoetsFor the first time, 8th graders at Boeckman Middle School have taken their poetry outside the classroom and shared it with the community. In addition to reading, writing, and sharing poetry in class, students were offered the opportunity to attend an open mic at BlueNose Coffee in Farmington. “We've always had students read their poetry in class, but this was the first optional poetry reading outside of school,” Jenna Schlatter and Jennifer Logan Allen, 8th grade Language Arts teachers, shared in a joint statement. 

Ms. Schlatter had the initial idea. She contacted BlueNose and set up the event. “We wanted to have an opportunity for the students to showcase their beautiful work in a public format,” she said.

While the reading was completely optional, students from Lisa Rivera, Jenna Schlatter, and Jennifer Logan Allen's 8th grade Language Arts classes were encouraged to attend in support of their peers. “We had roughly 14-16 students who read their poetry, several of whom read more than one poem. We also had a handful of other students who came to watch and support their friends. We also had family members attend,” the teachers said.

Prior to the poetry reading, students wrote a collection of poems, chose the best, and workshopped them. They also read their poems aloud for the class. This prepared the students to stretch their comfort zones and to be confident in the poetry they read at the coffee house.   

According to the teachers, “[The students] were nervous at first, but very excited and proud, so much so that many wanted to read more of their poetry and influenced others to then read their poetry too.” A microphone ensured the crowd could hear the students even when they were quiet. 

BMS Poetry Reading “Here at BMS, we have many passionate poets who are looking for a way to share their work with others. This was also a way to give students a chance to voice their thoughts and emotions in a supportive environment,” the teachers shared. The event encouraged students to continue reading and writing outside the classroom. All involved consider the event a success and they hope to make it an annual event. 

Below are some of the poems students read: 


You're like a warm summer day
Where the big, strong trees grow 
Like the bright sun shining on your face in May
Like seeing for the first time, a rainbow

I don’t care you're small
I don’t care you cry
One day I know you will grow tall
One day I know you’ll fly

One day you will grow up
You won’t be my little brother anymore
I guess I have to watch you buildup 
When you grow up, I can’t be your mother

I will always love you with all of my heart
No matter how much you grow, I will love you like a piece of art

— Madison DeWilde

Rule one: 
Be skinny but no too skinny.
Rule two: dress showy...
But not to showy other wise you’ll be judged
Rule three: fit in your weird if you 
Stick out, 
Your gay,
Your transgender, 
Or anything that the “popular” kids 
Wouldn’t agree with. 
Rule four: god forbid you have 
Something physically or mentally wrong
With you, 
You’re looking for attention.
You’re over dramatic. 
Rule five: perfect grades? 
Oh, your a nerd.. 
Rule six: bad grades? 
You must be stupid.. 
Rule seven: bad family life? 
They must hate you, 
It’s your fault.
Rule eight: good family life? 
You must be rich and popular.. 
Rule nine: you don’t bully other kids.
Wow you must be a goody- goody. 
It’s forbidden to actually show some respect. 
Have you ever thought that maybe people Are trying to gain weight
Or lose weight
And that’s why they now have 
An eating disorder.. 
Maybe people want to show skin 
Maybe they want to cover up 
But how can people show skin with schools Telling us.. 
Our bodies are distracting.
But nobody told others to focus on Themselves.
And if they try to cover up then there
Judged, saying what a goody- goody.. 
They’re covering up to be on the teachers 
Good side.. 
Why can’t people stick out? 
Why can’t people be transgender? 
Why can’t people be gay? 
Why can’t people be bisexual? 
Is it because they’re different 
Or because they’re weird for expressing the Self? 
Is it because your scared of change? 
Why are people weird for having something Physically or mentally wrong with them... 
Like it’s their fault.. 
Like they want to cry themselves to sleep.
Or want to be afraid of everything.
And how are people nerds for good grades?
How is it fault their for doing homework?
Or acing a test? 
Sorry they can’t live up to your expectations..
And then they’re dumb for bad grades.. 
Well maybe their home life isn’t the greatest,
Or their brain is confused, 
Or school simply doesn’t come easy to them.. 
Sorry some people’s home lives are bad and Makes them moody at school.
And explain to me why people are rich and Popular if they get along with
Their siblings, and parents..
Sorry that instead of shutting them
Out they let them in.. 
Why are people goody-goody’s for respecting people 
Sorry some people have respect for people Who are simply just trying to help. 

— Hannah Prellwitz

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