iPad Summer Learning

iPad Summer Learning
Posted on 06/15/2018

Over 60% of ISD 192 students that were eligible elected to to check out iPads for the summer months. In our efforts to foster open-ended, personalized learning opportunities; curiosity; exploration and continued access to creative tools and resources, we thought we would share some learning resources and suggested activities over the summer months. We thought we would start with ideas and resources around the theme of creativity.

More than just being adept with the use of technology, our desire is for students to be creators with technology. The iPad is a great creative tool and may be leveraged with both traditional and digital media. The front and rear-facing cameras, speakers, microphone and wide variety of apps, make it a fantastic creation tool for original writings, drawings, photos, videos, and music.

Possible creation activities could include:

  • Make a video using the Camera and iMovie apps. (full rate, time lapse or stop motion)
  • Use the Clips app to tell a story of something interesting you have done
  • Create a fictional story using Book Creator or Pages and share it as an ePub file.
  • Build a “Rube Goldberg machine,” tell the story and document your completion attempts using the Clips app
  • Create a work of art, either digitally or with traditional media.
  • Create an original musical composition using GarageBand.
  • Create a digital or table top game

Check out the following creativity and creation apps!

Camera icon

The Camera app on iOS devices is the core digital still and video capture tool. It is a versatile camera with settings for regular and panoramic photo capture, regular video as well as slo-mo and time-lapse video.

Images and video taken with the Camera app are saved to the Photos app. Apple has online a variety of tips and helpful techniques for making the most of Camera.

Photos Icon

With Photos you can view, organize, share, and edit your photos and videos right from your device. It is like having a digital darkroom and versatile photo album all in one.

For ease of use and an uncluttered interface, many of Photos most advanced features are initially hidden from view. However, as you become more familiar with the app and and want to edit and save the best images, it is worth exploring the advanced features. Learn online how to maximize your use of the Photos app.

Clips Icon

Clips is a free, easy to use multimedia and video creation app for iOS. It provides an intuitive interface for video creation, editing and sharing. Utilizing iOS Dictation and offering several different text and animation styles, Clips offers real-time captioning in a feature called “Live Titles”. If there are any errors in the voice transcription, edits can be made before saving the video.

Clips supports both the front and rear-facing cameras on iOS devices. In addition to creating new video footage, students can also create voice-overs and add captioning to an image already saved to Photos. Clips offers simple video editing and clip arrangement. Other easy to use editing features include adding stickers, color filters, emojis, “animated posters” and soundtracks.

Because Clips can easily save videos to the Photos app, videos created in Clips can integrate with other creativity and multimedia apps like Green Screen, Explain Everything, Book Creator, or iMovie for use in larger projects.

If you are interested in exploring all the features of Clips, feel free to download the app (also available in Self Service under the “Core Apps” library) or check out the full online documentation.

iMovie Icon

iMovie for iPad is a great creativity app that allows for the creation of videos using still images, video, titles and audio. You can select a theme, add filters, voice-over images, include special effects, add music to the background, or create a hollywood-style movie trailer with pre-existing templates.  

Completed projects can be exported to the Photos camera roll Schoology, or shared with family and friends. Check out the full set of features and online help resources for iMoive!

Garage Band Icon

GarageBand for iOS provides digital instruments and a recording studio right at your fingertips. Pre-recorded sound loops and touch instruments are included to help you create music even if you have never played an instrument.

With the use of the iPad’s built-in microphone, GarageBand can record your voice or real instruments. Real instrument recordings and digital musical loops can be combined into original soundtracks to save as is or used as musical tracks for your iMovie creations.

GarageBand doesn’t have to be used for just music, either. It is a fantastic tool for recording and editing voice narrations or making Podcasts. Full GarageBand documentation and help resources are available online.

Book Creator Icon

Book Creator for iPad is an easy-to-use app that allows one to create and publish multimedia eBooks and comics and also share completed projects as PDFs.

It is a great creation and communication app for allowing students to capture and share their thoughts in their own words using text or narration along with their own drawings and pictures.

ISD 192 students have access to Book Creator for iPad from the Self Service app on the iPad. Please note: users must download Book Creator for iPad from Self Service to avoid a fee.

Sketches School Icon

Tayasui Sketches School (icon text shows as Sketches School on ISD 192 iPads) is a free, simple yet powerful digital paint and drawing app that is now available from the “core app” library in Self Service. The touch interface of the iPad makes Sketches School a wonderful, easy to use, creativity app suitable for a wide range of users. It has several types of brushes, pens, and tools to provide the digital simulation of traditional paint and drawing media.

Sketches School creations export to the Photos’ Camera Roll with the option of an opaque or transparent background. Sketches School also exports as a .png file to the iPad or iCloud Drive and also can be exported as a native Photoshop file. You can jump right in and start exploring or learn the basics of Tayasui Sketches School from the developer’s website.

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