A Message from Superintendent Berg

A Message from Superintendent Berg
Posted on 03/22/2021

Dear ISD 192 Families: 

As each of you know, the challenges of the past year have been extremely difficult for learners, families and staff. Even as things associated with the pandemic begin to brighten, this continues to be a very traumatic time for our communities and the tragedy that took place last week in Georgia has brought to the forefront the Anti-Asian climate that has become more and more visible throughout this pandemic. The fear shared by Asian American and Pacific Islander families is particularly heartbreaking given the fact that over the past year we’ve also seen so many examples of our community coming together to support one another. It’s in that spirit, I ask that we stand together to put an end to all forms of hate. 
Farmington Area Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment for each learner and will not tolerate any hate directed at any person or group of people. Please know that our building administrators, counselors, and student advocates are available to assist learners and families in processing these events and other issues that impact our mental health, now or at any time in the future.  
I want to reaffirm our commitment to valuing each learner, ensuring each learner has a sense of belonging in our district community, and partnering with families in every way possible to nurture this. I promise we will continue to work to ensure each learner continuously achieves their highest aspirations while demonstrating responsibility to communities. 

Jason Berg
Superintendent of Schools